Em Willcox & Co - Meadow Floral Dress

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Quick Version:

-   invisible zips each side of the bust

-   100% cotton

-   square neckline

-   slightly puffed sleeves

-   elasticized sleeve bottom

-   longer dress length

The Meadow Floral dress is made of 100% cotton to keep you cool when you feel like your core temperature is one thousand degrees, but the ability to layer in cooler weather. It is your typical cotton fabric, light but with a slight stiff upper lip. The sweetest pink and blue flowers busily hide the two invisible zips running over the bust. The invisible zips are placed in the perfect location for subtly feeding your baby wherever you need to, whilst also being a beautiful and stylish dress. The square neck line is a little bit different, but lovely. The bust should not be worn too tightly as your chest (for obvious reasons), but also your back expand during the postnatal period, and you need space to feel confortable. The seam around the waist then allows for a flowy skirt in the dress which hides all of the bits you should feel proud of after having a baby, but often don’t. The sleeve is slightly puffed at the top for a bit of attention, and are elasticized at the bottom. The length of the dress is intentionally a little bit longer because you spend your whole day moving, and you probably feel less inclined to show people your granny knickers than the good ol’ days.

For local delivery, use the code LOCAL to ensure you aren’t charged shipping.   

Model is wearing a size Medium and is approximately 165cm of goddess. 

Bust sizes:

Small 110cm, Medium 116cm, Large 124cm, XLarge 130cm, XXLarge 136cm

When it comes to choosing a size, please refer to the sizing chart to help guide you in your decision. In saying this, I would love to remind you that the size you select at check out does not define you. I hated the feeling of ‘needing a bigger size’ after I had babies, but with hindsight now I can see it as a way of clothing my body during this season of life. It absolutely does not define your character, or your ability to parent. You, my mum friend, are fabulous!

It would be amazing if you had a tape measure to measure your milk makers in real time when ordering to ensure less faffing with returns, but I am happy to liase with you if you need help in this area, both before and after purchasing. The ‘bust-iest’ time will often be in the mornings (or maybe not if your baby fed all of the damn night), but that is probably the best time to measure your bust to give you an idea of measurement for sizing.

Washing instructions

With as little fuss as possible, wash in cold water as per normal wash. Hang directly on hanger, inside if you live ten metres from the sun like us in Australia, or outside on the line. If not hung immediately, it may need a quick iron or steam (or you just wear it crinkled because ain’t nobody got time for that and your lucky if you remember to get the washing out of the washing machine at all). 

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